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Harel 'Cenoura' Kidron

Capoeira Teacher

My name is Harel, and in the Capoeira world I'm known as Cenoura. I've been training for approx. 20 years under Mestre Edan from Cordao de Ouro Israel. I teach and train Capoeira full time, and I'm lucky to be working in what I love. My mission is to spread my passion for Capoeira as far and wide as I can.


Push yourself to the limits

Over the last 5 years I have had the privilege to work with many of Israel's leading Capoeira players and teachers who took and still take part in my morning training program, which is a yearly program for advanced Capoeira players and teachers who want to push themselves forward. After a lot of thought and many requests from friends who heard about it, I'm happy to share my morning program with the rest of the Capoeira world!

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